Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Happy Birthday To Me + Special Annoucement

It’s my birthday today and I am super excited not just because it is my birthday and it marks the beginning of a new year for me, but because this past year has been a series of good tidings. Sure, there have been the down moments but then again how can we appreciate happiness when we have not known sadness?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Episode 3: Hell Is A Place Called Home

[Excerpt From Episode 2: For the first time that day Aisha let herself smile as she choked back the tears that threatened to spill and said a weak thank you to her friend. Tricia had always helped her on numerous occasions and she only wished someday she would be able to repay her friend for all her kindness.] To read episode 2 CLICK HERE

“Mama you honestly can’t be considering bringing him into this house. Papa will not like this.” It was two weeks since the illness incident and Bukola was fully back on her feet following the use of the drugs that Nurse Titi had prescribed. Nurse Titi had also found time to talk Bukola in private about trying to get her life together and take proper care of herself and daughter instead of wasting her life and ruining Aisha’s life in the process. Although she had nodded dutifully and promised to change, Nurse Titi’s words were like water off a duck’s back to Bukola because she was back at her drinking spot two days later. She was currently arguing with her daughter about her decision to bring home a man she had met at the drinking bar about a week ago.

Hottie of the Week: Peter Olamide Ogunojemite

I guess the simple words to use to describe our male hottie for this week is "Mr. Ebony." It is people like him that helps we Africans proud of our colour and make us all agree that black s beautiful. Like the rest of our previous hotties, he is hot, young, outgoing and talented. We never bring you airheads. Ladies, he is SINGLE as well. More information and photos after the cut

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hottie of the Week: Chukwu Cynthia Onyebuchi

When you re talking about Miss Congeniality, Miss Cynthia Chukwu takes the crown. With an outgoing personality and a smile to thaw the coldest of hearts, this beauty is an attention grabber any day any time. Guys get in here, she is smoking hot and SINGLE. More about her + photos after the cut

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I Lost

Darkness cloak me like a perfect glove
In secret only can I allow this burning love
To consume me in morbid fantasies
I stare and long, sadly I cannot express
This yearning tale in my heart
Few feet away we stand but ten thousand miles hearts apart

Monday, 13 July 2015

Hottie of the Week: Boladapo Abdul

This week's hottie of the week is my very own best friend Boladapo Abdul. You guys should help me show him some love because he is vexing for me that it took this long to get featured. Annoying, fun, outgoing and silly are but a few things to describe this week's hottie. More photos and info after the cut

Episode 2: Hell Is A Place Called Home

[Excerpt From Episode 1: “Oh for Heaven’s sake, you devil’s child, will you shut that your hell mouth. I did not kill my mother so you cannot kill me you hear? You would rather leave this house like your useless father.” With that, she stormed out of the room to go curl up on the sofa as she tried to sleep with hopes that the headache would be gone when she woke up again.] To read episode 1, CLICK HERE 

“My mother is feeling very ill Audu, I promise we will pay back. Just give me the panadol, she is really in pain.”

“Walai me no give credit again,” Audu replied angrily “if you no commot for here, walai me cut your leg.” Aisha turned her to leave with a dejected expression on her face. Her mother was still not feeling better, her headache was now so severe she had started moaning in pain and her temperature had also risen. The young girl felt at a loss as to what to do as the aboki that had been her only hope of getting her mother drug for relief was obstinate about selling on credit. Who would the poor guy, they still after all owed him some unsettled debt and he was beginning to feel like he was being taken for a fool. She dragged herself back into their compound and went inside to her ill mother with tears welled up in her eyes.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hottie of the Week: Victoria Oluwalolopemi Adetoun Osidipe

Young, pretty and extremely fun to be with, Victoria Oluwalolopemi an undergrad at one of Nigeria's leading universities is one beauty that you want to know. Read more about her + more photos after the cut

Monday, 6 July 2015

Hottie of the Week: Chuwkuma Rejoice Carlton David

Hey guys its been a while I know but yes we are back with our mouth watering hotties. Kick starting hotties of the week after the break is one fine bobo like that but i don't want to talk too much. He is a versatile creative with many wonderful sides to him. Ladies, thank me later as this hottie is single. Read more about him + more photos after the cut

Episode 1: Hell Is A Place Called Home

She was sprawled on the sofa with her mouth gaping open like a fish out water with her hand dropping to the floor as if there was no life in her. Spittle trickled out of her mouth with the consistency of a waterfall gushing water. Her snores came in broken gasp like sounds like that of an exhaust engine choking on its smoke. She was lying with her chest on the sofa and her buttocks which shot into the air like a mountain heaved with every snore.